What is Sync My Meds?

Sync My Meds allows you to eliminate multiple trips to the pharmacy by consolidating all of your medications into one fill date each month.

Our program is designed to fill your usual (maintenance) medications at the same time each month. Medications such as eye/ear drops, creams, ointments or any other medications that you take on an “as needed” basis will not be included in the program.

We will call you 7 days before your prescriptions are due to be filled to go over your medication list to make sure that our medication list for you is correct and up-to-date. During this call, we can ask if you need any of your “as needed” medications. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to notify us when those medications need refilled.

Please notify us right away if your prescriber changes any of your medications so that we can update your medication profile.

How can I sign up for Sync My Meds?

Speak with a pharmacist or a member of our staff to let them know you are interested in joining the program. We will work together to select the best pick-up/delivery date for you.

What do I have to do as a patient?

All patients will be required to sign a one-time agreement form to confirm your enrollment in the program. The agreement form will highlight the benefits of the program and patient instructions.